Deciding what to wear as a bride can be an emotional roller coaster ride!

We understand how stressful it is to search for your dream bridal gown, especially when you don’t necessarily have a vision, or you want something that is modern and now but you just aren’t sure of the latest wedding dress trends.

So allow us to take you through the 3 top trends for this season…

The Evolution of Bridal Dresses

Over the years we have witnessed a lot of things right from Bardot necklines to the green and even black dresses (thanks to some off beat celebrity gowns) that peak in popularity, and just as quickly become a shadowed past time fad, with the arrival of new silhouettes, textures or fabrics.

Much like fashion, wedding dress trends evolve quickly and drastically. So, what was considered hip & happening in 2018 might lose its sheen in 2019.

So, if you are going to be a bride in 2019, keep scrolling to see what’s in store:

1. Less will be More – 2019’s New Mantra!

 House of Nicholas

Good news for no-fuss brides! 2019 will see a lot of clean, classic and contemporary lines for that minimalistic bridal look – thanks to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex taking this trend all the way, she wore a very elegant and yet minimalistic wedding dress.

Look out for a minimalist silhouette featuring pristine lines, simple aesthetic and excellent craftsmanship, if you want a contemporary, sophisticated and graceful bridal look.

2. Lace will Rule


Lace exudes a regal and traditional charm that has captured the attention of many wedding dress designers, since before time.

This year however it is going to be different! 2019 will witness a pleasant makeover of this traditional fabric. We will see this timeless and romantic bridal fabric used in a much more stylish way. With the introduction of stretch laces making comfort the next best asset, for your bridal gown. Also, we are expecting to see unique yet beautiful textures with the 3-D appliqué lace features and more.

3. Dare to Take a Plunge


This featured plunging neckline is perfect for this year’s whimsical brides to be who want to go for something a little bit more daring but still soft and sophisticated in their bridal style.

Plunging V-fronts and backs are back all the rage for 2019! Whether held in place with an illusion lace or a sheer net; dresses with plunging necklines will give plenty of opportunities for some extra skin to show, which might be a shock for those few traditionalists, but will certainly be a treat for those grooms to be.

If you are into stepping away from traditional looks and have a daring personality and love to flaunt your assets, then this is a trend you should definitely look out for!