Wedding DressWhether you’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress and know exactly what you want, or you haven’t really thought about it yet – in every situation, Always & Forever Bridal Australia has you covered.

We completely understand that finding the best gown for your wedding can be a bit stressful, especially when the choices are so overwhelming. There are many factors involved when selecting a wedding gown, ranging from the money being spent to the fitting. Moreover, it is likely that your wedding gown can set the tone of the wedding, with all the eyes on the bride (and her gown) as she walks down the aisle. There are 7 major tips you should know about before choosing wedding dresses in Melbourne. These expert tips from Always and Forever Bridal, Australia will change how you look at the process of buying the perfect wedding dress for yourself. We are one of the leading wedding shops in Melbourne, with the latest international designer collection in stock.

  1. ALWAYS RESEARCH WELL BEFORE HEADING TO THE STORE : Online shopping portals, bridal magazines, nearest outlets, bridal boutiques online, Pinterest, celebrity fashion – are the easiest sources to know what is in trend. Apart from mentally establishing a visual presentation of how you would want your wedding gown to look, research makes it easier to compare prices.
  2. AVOID BRINGING AN ENTOURAGE : Buying the perfect wedding gown will always be a big deal, but having 10 different opinions around would make it difficult. Sometimes, it can lead you far away from what you actually want and what would look good on you. Always ask an honest companion to tag along with you. Such a companion stays away from ahh-ing and ohh-ing with simple, ‘I so love it, but I guess this isn’t perfect for you’.
  3. SHOPPING TOO EARLY? PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! Avoid falling into the trap of shopping earlier than 6 months for extravagant discounts. Also avoid visiting the bridal shops in Melbourne much before you intend to make the purchase. Then again, don’t procrastinate as most of the wedding dresses Melbourne would take 4-6 months for alterations and accessorising. Therefore, it’s crucial that you pick your timing effectively.
  4. EMBRACE YOUR SIZE : Always be realistic and confident about your body. In bridal sizing, the wedding gowns size would generally be one or two sizes higher than our regular wear. Bigger size can horrify a lot of women, but this is going to be a secret between you and your consultant.
  5. KNOW YOUR BUDGET : We know that talking numbers can create an uncomfortable situation, and you shouldn’t let the wedding dresses put a hole in your pocket. Before your first appointment, set your budget and decide how much difference can you afford. Also consider extra expenses which would go behind tailoring, veils, shoes, jewelry and other accessories in mind.
  6. WEAR HEELS TO THE WEDDING STORE : Wedding dresses look a lot different in heels than in flat shoes. Wearing the heel size you would want to embrace for your wedding day would be an added advantage always.
  7. VISIT THE BEST BRIDAL SALON FIRST : Always get referrals from friends who got married recently and look for online testimonials before visiting the stores. Most of the wedding shops in Melbourne of a certain reputation will have a website with listed stock information.

Weddings range from a casual beach party to an extravagant ballroom affair, and the wedding dresses should be picked accordingly. Moreover, there is a lot to choose from A-line, tulle, sheath, organza, fit & flare and fabrics. At Always & forever Australia, we enable you to buy the dress of your dreams – the one you will love wearing for your wedding and the one you will also love 30 years from now. No matter what your personal style, your budget or the timeline – our wedding dresses are for Always & Forever!