Wedding dress

“It’s not just another dress; it’s the dress that you will remember till the end of the life lane.”

You would have gone for a lot many dress shopping with your girlies and would have enjoyed a lot by exchanging your favourites one with each other in the trial rooms. However, this is different and special. It is that dress that you have always dreamt of and have discussed with all the possible people you were and are comfortable to share. This shopping has to be a well-thought one. It needs thorough planning in advance so that the final appointment day turns out to be productive and you do not lose time in just sketching out a plan. The best is to avoid such hindrances and focus on the most important words – Prepare, Plan and Prose the dress!

Once you pass this stage, the next step would be to make a list of people in your circle that can assist you regarding your bridal dress.

Please keep in mind; there would be two kinds of people in your list, first with whom you can discuss and take tips on the dress-to-be and others whom you can actually take for the bridal date. It is best to jot down two different lists to keep things simple and easy.

Here, is a recommended list of people you can take to your first bridal appointment date:

1. The Birth Giver

Out of all the people in the world, only one lady knows you a little better than others is your mom as she has 9+ months benefit of knowing you compared to others! Taking your mother is the best option as she knows your taste since childhood. She exactly knows what looks good on you and whatnot. She also knows the fittings and will guide the designers well about what kind of dress would suit best on your main day. You are not the only one who has dreamed of this day, but it’s your mother too who has dreamed of your wedding day and imagined you walking down the aisle with that perfect dress!

2. Your Soulmate by Blood

If you have a super sister or cousin who is close enough to you and knows all your styles and secrets, there is nothing better than that, and you are blessed! Sisters are usually our best critics, and they know precisely when and what to say no to! So, in case your eyes get stuck on a charming dress, and it doesn’t suit you in person or can get a better choice when compared to; she will be the one to say it upright without thinking of what you feel. She will be honest with you, and you would know by heart that she is right and wants the best for you. It’s a good idea to take her along to your first bridal appointment date.

3. Your Soulmate by Fate

Few people come in our life by fate and choice; our friends come in our life in one such way. You choose your own friends because you know you are comfortable around them and can share every bit and piece of your life without hesitation. Taking your best friend to your bridal appointment date is a good option as you both would have stalked millions of pages of the ideal dress already and she would make sure you get to the best one as per the trends. She will motivate you to take the risk and try something new for the big day. You can discuss some of your choices with her well in advance to make the date fun and fruitful.

These three people are the best to go with, and you would never be disappointed!

Get a bit more excited and bring over your girlies! The best dress guarantee is on us!

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Wish you a happy date!