They say “Man proposes, God disposes”. Sometimes, in our lives we face unexpected and unprecedented times that can turn our plans topsy-turvy.

The recent COVID 19 outbreak is one such occasion that has brought the world to a halt. With social distance becoming the norm, several social events and gatherings are either postponed or cancelled.

This unforeseen pandemic has also thrown a lot of questions for the newly engaged – Whether to carry on with the wedding, cancel it or postpone it? These questions can make the already stressful wedding preps, more challenging and emotionally strenuous.

Soon to be married couples from all the parts of the world are facing the greatest dilemma of their lives. Most of them also feel disheartened as they might see their “dream wedding” crumble around them.

Don’t be disheartened! Remember there are thousands of couples across the globe who are sailing in the same boat as you; and like the wise men said “every problem has a solution”, there are ways in which you can make wedding preparations less stressful.

Weddings in the Time of Coronavirus – Here’s What to Do!

Postpone the Wedding

No matter how depressing it sounds, if your wedding is scheduled in the next few months it is recommended that you postpone your nuptials for sometime. Alternatively, if you wish to go ahead with your scheduled day, you could have an extremely low-key wedding with just you and your partner and a couple of family members, then celebrate next year, renew your vows and have the big day with all your friends and family.

Develop a Positive Perspective

Unexpected circumstances that the world is going through is overwhelmingly difficult. However, like they say every cloud has a silver lining. While the world is on a pause with most people spending their time at home, you can carry on with the planning from the comfort of your living room. See this self quarantine time as a perfect opportunity to plan your wedding without any rush. Since, it’s a special day for you both – try and discover what is your idea of an ideal wedding and how you both can have a ceremony that manifests your dream into a reality.

Time to Get Extra Inspired

Getting inspired is the first step of any wedding planning and now with the self quarantine, you have ample time to do it from the comfort of your own home. With lots of spare time, you can grab your laptop to find some interesting inspiration for all the wedding needs. There are dozens of blogs on the internet where you can get loads of tips and guides to plan an ultimate wedding. Alternatively, there are countless inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram which you can use to create a vision board and give direction to your wedding.

Such changes are a part of the universe’s larger scheme, take this self quarantine time to make your bond even stronger. Take one thing at a time and plan a wedding ceremony that you have been envisioning since the day you said YES!