The entire process of wedding planning is thrilling, exciting and full of new experiences, but only in the (Hollywood) rom-com romantic comedies!

Far from the dreamy world of movies, wedding preparation is an overwhelming process where you come across numerous things that might leave you feeling baffled.

The world of wedding fashion is like a maze – it can make a bride feel lost; especially when she is no that trend-savvy. With new styles and trends coming in, it can make it difficult for a bride-to-be to pick up a dress that perfectly sums up her personality and style.

Boho-Chic Wedding Style Tips for an Unconventional Bride

Does the thought of slipping into an opulent and traditional wedding gown scare you? Why don’t you try the earthy, nature-inspired Bohemian style wedding dresses! The earthy boho fashion is rapidly becoming a hot trend in the world of wedding fashion.

Appearing on the fashion scene in the early 70s, Boho-chic style is heavily influenced by the earth and nature. This trend was a sartorial representation of free-spirit, love, brotherhood and the peace movement that took over the world in the 1970s.

If you want to sport something unique, simple and yet still a gorgeous wedding dress, check out the boho-chic inspired wedding dresses. It’s a perfect choice for a bride who loves to sport an earthy and simple look that seamlessly and effortlessly blends with her love for nature.

Being one of the most coveted and reputed bridal shops in Melbourne, Always and Forever, we bring you a round up of a few pointers that indicates that a bohemian style wedding ensemble is just the right fit for you!

Before we begin, let’s see what a Bohemian Wedding Dress is!

There’s a general notion that bohemian dress sports a casual design, which is not necessarily true! While some boho chic dresses are quite laid back and minimalist, there are a great deal of them which are luxurious and glamorous. However, these dresses have one thing in common – a dreamy aestheticism that comes with a carefree twist.

How to Pick an Ethereal Boho-Wedding Dress for That Impressive Bridal Look?

Bohemian wedding dresses come in a variety of forms, designs and styles. Therefore, it becomes difficult to pick up a dress that effortlessly displays tons of bohemian flair. Look for dresses that have signature elements like bell sleeves, separates statement lace and flowy skirts.

Lots of Texture and Unique Details Define the Boho Style

One of the striking features of a Boho wedding dress is that you will find lots of textures and detailing like sparkling touches of beading, beautiful illusion backs and necklines, multiple layers of tulle, large floral motifs and geometric patterns.

In the end, boho wedding dresses gives you a soft, yet a sensuous and flirty look. With its strategic detailing of illusions, flattering waistline and statement backs, it gives you a comfy, confident and ethereally beautiful bridal look.