You have probably been dreaming about saying “I Do” on a sandy and sunny beach since you were five. And so when you decided to tie the knot, you planned a destination wedding at your uncle’s beach house.

Though everything is going perfectly well, you are anxious!

No, they are not wedding-day jitters! It’s just that you have yet to figure out a wedding dress that complements your wedding venue.

While, planning a destination wedding is quite overwhelming, finding a bridal dress that goes well with the venue is indeed anxiety-inducing!

The wedding venue sets a tone for everything, even for your wedding dress. And so, if you are planning a beach wedding, your dress will be different from your friend who had a mountain wedding. No-brainer, right!

While we believe a bride should wear a dress that showcases her unique personality, it is important to consider certain factors like weather conditions of the venue, before picking up the wedding dress.

Another good thing about choosing the right wedding dress for your venue is that you will be able to narrow down your options, before going out for the shopping.

If a destination wedding is on your cards and you are looking for inspirations for your wedding dress, scroll down!

Beach Wedding
Imagine your wedding altar set on a silver beach, with sapphire blue waters and clear blue skies as a backdrop. Beaches are one of the most sought-after venues for the destination wedding.
If you are planning to take vows on a beach, you need to keep a lot of things like the sun, sand, and breeze in mind, while selecting your wedding dress.

Time for some Pro-Tips!

  • Go for something light- dress made from a floaty and delicate fabric is always recommended!
  • A bridal train may look elegant. But, for a beach wedding, avoid a train. Getting the sand off from a white train can be a nightmare!
  • You may love your heels to the core, but avoid it for a beach wedding. It will make it difficult to walk on a sandy beach.

Castle Wedding
A castle evokes a sense of pomp and grandeur. It is an ideal setting for a romantic and fairytale esque wedding. Since castle has a fairytale ambiance, it is important you pick up a dress that channels your inner Princess.

Time for some Pro-Tips!

  • Go for a silk or satin ball gown with layers of organza, tulle or chiffon. It will give you the regal appeal.
  • You can also go with an ornate detailing in your dress, just like Duchess of Cambridge. A corseted bodice will make you look like a real princess!

Mountain Wedding
Mountains have this idyllic setting. Lofty snowy peaks, cool breeze, and a clear blue sky is the perfect venue for a romantic wedding. For a mountain wedding, it is recommended you go for something that is cozy just like cashmere or feathers.

Time for some Pro-Tips!

    • You can go for a full-sleeve wedding gown here. The temperatures on a mountainous terrain tends to drop. So, a sleeveless or an off shoulder gown might not be comfortable. It is recommended to go for an intricately embroidered full sleeves. This will make you feel cozy and elegant.

Remember, your wedding dress has to be practical depending on the venue. So, choose wisely!