We often come across several puzzled and apprehensive brides who are totally overwhelmed as they cannot find the ‘right wedding dress’ for their big day! The process of picking the perfect dress that embodies your emotions, your personality and your relationship can take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Therefore, our wedding specialists came up with an interesting way to help you find the dress of your dreams! We examined different characteristics associated with 12-star signs and talked extensively about the kind of wedding gowns for brides falling in the first six signs. (You can read about it here and here).

Here we’ll reveal the ideal bridal style for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius brides:

Like their Taurean counterpart, the Libras are also ruled by Venus, making them a lover of all things beautiful! If you’re a Libra bride, cranking up your glamour quotient with glitzy embellishments and opulent fabrics like an exquisitely appointed lace or impressively lush satin will be your best bet! So, we recommend this satin and tulle wedding gown by Tanya Grig. This classy dress features sublimely done 3D flowers and delicate crew neckline.


Sassy and mysterious, Scorpio brides love to do the unexpected. Scorpios have an intoxicating magnetism which they sometimes hide behind subtle yet sultry wardrobe choice. So, we feel this Dahlia dress by Made With Love will be your perfect pick! Effortlessly stylish and refreshing, this dress is for bride with panache. This gown boasts of the finest crochet lace fabric, which elegantly hugs your body’s curves giving you gracious but sensual look.


For a Sagittarius, it’s either go bold or go home! Brides falling under this sign love to do everything larger-than-life – They will sport a gown that is over -the- top and have Bacchanalian levels of food, drink and merrymaking! Since, a Sagittarius is naturally extroverted and fun-loving, donning a playful style that stands out from the pack is the right thing to do! You can go for this gorgeous Tanya Grig gown featuring exquisitely done floral lace, a detachable tulle train and beautiful embellishment that represents your fearless and fun side.

Stay tuned to this blog! We are coming soon with more “perfect wedding dress” for your zodiac sign in our next blog.