Australian winters may present the perfect opportunity for your dream wedding. Not only does the weather remain pleasant but you can easily save up on air conditioning costs, thereby booking the best wedding venues for lower prices. This is the right season for that outdoor wedding you have been planning all your life. However, when it comes to choosing the right bridal wear, there are a few things that will help maximise your comfort while also making you look stunning. These are mentioned below.

Carry Cozy Separates

The chilly winter weather may prevent you from wearing your favourite bridal dress if it is slinky. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, it is easier to buy separate warmers than to compromise with your choice of wedding dress. Warmers can be taken off and worn back as and when needed. A cashmere shawl, faux fur scarf or cape in the same colour as your bridal dress or a complementary tone can set your look apart and also provide the needed warmth when you feel the chills. The era of the hit new show, Bridgerton has also reintroduced white gloves to the wedding market. These can also be worn along with a sleeveless or shorter sleeved gown. It will elevate your wedding attire and also keep your hands perfectly toasty.

Consider Coverage (longer length, full sleeves, high neck, layers)

You don’t want to remain chilly on your wedding day. Hence, proper coverage is essential in order to make sure that you can enjoy your special day, just like your guests. Elements such as full sleeves, higher necklines and layered ball gowns containing organza and tulle can help keep you snug while making you look mesmerizing. Another important consideration is the length of your wedding dress. Instead of minis and tea length, it is beneficial to choose floor length gowns for winter weddings. If you wish to show some skin, opt for an off shoulder with long sleeves or a deep cut back with a high neckline.

Choose Warmer Materials

A winter wedding demands bridal gowns made using material that helps keep you balmy. Some fabrics to consider for your wedding wear include silk, brocade, velvet, mikado, faille and so on. These are thick as well as warm and keep you protected from the frosty weather. Nonetheless, before you choose a material, it is important to understand how cold your region is and evaluate accordingly. Afterall, you don’t want to be a sweaty bride either. Striking a balance is thereby necessary.

Keep an Alternate

Sometimes, your eyes may be set on a wedding dress and you may want to flaunt it on your special day. In such cases, don’t compromise but also carry a warmer alternate. You can wear your chosen bridal dress and slip into the alternate once the ceremony is over.

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