03-TOP REASONS TO HAVE A CUSTOM MADE WEDDING DRESS-March-Always and foreverHave you scoured every designer bridal shop in Melbourne, flipped through pages of numerous bridal magazines, browse through Pinterest and Instagram, even tried your grandma’s wedding gown, and still didn’t get your dream wedding dress?

When you cannot find what you have been envisioning since you were five, it can be quite overwhelming.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Go for a bespoke wedding dress!

Bespoke dress or a custom-made wedding dress is designed, fashioned and tailored to your unique specifications.

A custom-made wedding dress is just what you need!

There are ample options for bridal dresses, with leading designers releasing unique creations every year. Nonetheless, there is something special about a custom wedding dress. Here’s what makes a custom-made wedding dress so special…

1. A strong sense of individuality

You are special, and so should be your wedding dress! Your unique taste and a personal vision will give you a distinctive bridal look that will showcase your individuality. When you work with a designer to create a bespoke wedding gown, it allows you to express your individuality and your personal taste to the world.

2. Make a distinctive style statement

As the design process unfolds, you can have creative control over every element in your bridal dress. The design process for a custom-made gown involves a lot of brainstorming which eventually brings out your taste and distinctive style. A custom-made wedding dress is ideal if you like to do something different. Unlike the traditional brides, you can walk down the aisle in pastel colours like pink, green, soft blue or some have even walked down scarlet red!

3. Excellent comfort and fit that accentuates your best feature

Don’t fit yourself in your wedding dress. Instead get a dress that suits your figure! The best part about a custom-made wedding dress is that it is made just for you. Each cut, stitch and fitting is done in such a manner that it suits your unique body shape. It celebrates your figure by accentuating your best features. Having a gown custom-made ensures that are comfortable throughout the day while still keeping you in style.

While you walk down the aisle, all eyes are set on you! Create your unique, distinctive style statement when you step into a new phase of your life.