Shopping for your bridal dress is nothing like your regular shopping experiences!

Unlike your casual stroll through the aisle of your favourite store, searching for a perfect gown – the one which captures your attention, complements your personal style and fits effortlessly just like a glove – is a specialised process.

The entire “wedding shopping” thing can become too overwhelming – both physically and emotionally – for a not-so-fashion-savvy brides. Over years, our wedding stylists have met several such brides who are either completely fashion-novice or have half-baked knowledge about wedding dresses. In either case, they end up picking up a dress that is neither appealing nor complement their personality.

In order to make your wedding shopping experience full of happy memories, we bring you a comprehensive bridal dress guide.

Always & Forever Wedding Shopping Tips: The Top Popular Bridal Dress Fabrics

While most brides do good research on the internet about the type of wedding dress styles and silhouettes, they often miss out on one extremely crucial element – Fabric. Choice of right fabric can be the deal-maker; it’s an important thing that can make you a swoon-worthy bride! Therefore, before you set out on the shopping spree for your big day, it’s essential to note that not all wedding dress fabrics are created equally.

Some fabrics are best suited for structured dresses, while others are great to create flowy gowns; similar certain fabrics are just meant to make the larger than life ball gowns. Here, we will give you a glimpse of some these fabrics:


One of the most versatile and durable wedding dress fabrics, Satin has a smooth finish with a lot of fullness and thus making it an ultimate choice if you want to go more structured gowns. Satin works great with every body type which makes it an excellent option for ball gown, ruched or draped bridal wear. Additionally, as satin is thicker compared to other fabrics it is an excellent choice if you are planning a winter wedding.



One of the most popular choices among the contemporary brides, Organza is a sheer lightweight woven fabric. Compared to chiffon, organza is a little stiffer and hence can be used to make more structured couture. Since, this fabric is light to carry and ethereal it’s  the right choice if you wish to have a summer wedding. As organza is a delicate fabric, you need to be extra cautious and watch out for any snags or pulls.



A luxurious fabric, lace adds the feminine charm and grace to any gown. This fabric is often used as an overlay or details and comes in a startling array of styles. However, its delicate open weave makes it vulnerable to snags and so, you need to be very careful while putting on the dress. Lace is usually named after the city from where it originated. Some of the more varieties that are widely popular in the wedding industry are:

  • Chantilly – Detailed and open lace with a well-defined border
  • Alencon – this lace features large motifs on the net trimmed with cords.
  • Venise – A more textured and heavier lace, this is used to make winter wedding gowns