Are you on a hunt to find the ultimate bridal outfit? The search for a perfect wedding dress is a potpourri of emotions – There’s excitement, but there’s also an overwhelming sense of mental fatigue because you find yourself off the balance in the world of tulles, organzas and laces.

When you step into a bridal boutique and see aisles filled with dresses, it’s normal to get into the puzzle mode.  Figure out where to start and what to pick can give literally give your jitter in the stomach.  Since most brides-to-be aren’t much fashion-savvy, especially when it comes to wedding couture, adds to their woes. Most of them have zero ideas about silhouettes, while some are completely clueless about the different fabrics and then there are a few brides who are unaware of the different necklines.

In this blog, we shall throw some light on the different beautiful and popular necklines and which one should you choose for your bridal wear.

1. Bardot


This sensual and flirty neckline derives its name after the actress Brigitte. This neckline playfully sits off your shoulder, giving an impression as if someone moved the straps down. Its flattering cut is great to show off the necklaces. However, it should be avoided if you’ve got little broader arms.

2. Bateau/Boat


This contemporary neckline was popularised by Meghan Markle; when she donned a minimalistic and stunning wedding gown featuring bateau or boatneck. This neckline skims across the shoulders, following the collarbone. A perfect option for brides with slender and delicate shoulders, this neckline enhances your best feature.

3. Halterneck


Stylish and chic, halter neckline interjects from the sides, comes together at the neck, and often meet at the back. Also, a variation of halter necks come with deep armholes and backless designs which give an irresistibly alluring look. A well-liked alternative to a strapless dress, this neckline beautifully shows off your slender shoulders and upper arms.

4. Illusion


The sumptuous illusion neckline is not only teasingly appealing but when carried well gives an elegant look. It is a strapless dress and has a sheer piece of fabric like lace, net or tulle is placed from the top of the bodice to the neckline. This neckline gives a faint impression of a bare decolletage while cleverly covering it up.

5. Sweetheart


An extremely loved and cherished neckline among numerous brides, this exudes a magical, feminine and romantic vibe. This neckline forms a natural heart shape across the bust and is often strapless. It works really great if you’re busty as it will show a hint of cleavage, without going overboard. Moreover, if you have an angular face, this neckline is just right for you as the contours add softness and a sense of balance.

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