With shorter days and dipping mercury, nature puts on a spectacular show. There is something magical and majestic about winter – there is nothing more beautiful than snow-capped mountains and the tranquillity of a frozen environment.

The white blanket of snow offers a perfect and minimalist backdrop to getting wedding vows, so more and more couples are choosing this season to tie the knot. Throwing a winter wedding is rapidly catching up with several couples choosing this off-season to say “I Do”. A winter wedding is easy on the pocket as the venues usually cost low because it’s off-season.

From snow-covered landscapes to winter-inspired decors and everything in between – the backdrop is perfect for pulling off a fabulous winter wedding. Wondering how to make your winter wedding memorable! With just little more planning and following some tips, you can have a perfect soiree.

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1. Don’t Turn Cold – Get a Long-Sleeved Dress

No matter how much you loved that stunning strapless dress, it’s not feasible to wear one for a winter wedding ceremony. The chilly weather will not give you goosebumps but will make you extremely uncomfortable throughout the celebrations. Needless to say, consider wearing long-sleeved dresses – there are a plethora of elegant and beautiful options available.

2. Invest in Gorgeous Winter-Inspired Accessories

Found your dream dress? Now the next step is to invest in the right accessories that compliment the winter-themed ceremony. Also, investing in proper accessories protects you from getting cold. A faux fur store or a chic cardie will work wonders and give a beautiful twist to your wedding style.

3. Add More Colours and Glitter to Your Bridal Party

Nothing can add to the festive mood than your bridal party dressed in glitter dresses. Sequins or glitter dresses usually bring an irresistible charm to the overall wedding theme. Also, these dresses make the photoshoot spectacular. While you have taken care of their dresses, don’t leave your bridal party shivering cold. Make sure to get your bridesmaid to have cosy cover-ups ready for the day.

4. A Colour Palette For Winter Weeding

Any colour palette applies to winter weddings, but certain tones such as burgundy, berry red, shades of gold and deep greens. You can pick up matching shades for decoration pieces like florals, napkins and other styling elements to create a beautiful, moody and warm vibe.

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